Types Of Mini Car Freezers

Update:18 Nov 2020

In my childhood memory, the refrigerator is a relatively large electrical appliance in the family, and it is rarely moved because it is not easy to move. Now, there are not only small household refrigerators for households, but also Mini Car Freezers, and even some household cars can be used. The convenience brought by the information age is better than ever.

It can be roughly divided into two types. One is more common, which is to connect the refrigerator to the cigarette lighter through the connection cable, so that it can be cooled. Most of these refrigerators can be used for both cooling and heat preservation. They can be used as small refrigerators in summer and incubators in winter. Some car refrigerators can also be used at home, as long as it is connected to the home's 220V power supply and it can work.

There is another way to cool or keep warm by using a set of energy storage boxes in the refrigerator. Put this set of energy storage boxes in a household refrigerator for 10 hours, and then put the energy storage boxes in the car refrigerator to cool. It can maintain a temperature below 15 degrees for 20 hours. Put this group of energy storage boxes in a microwave oven to heat for 120 seconds and put them in a car refrigerator, it can play a role in heat preservation.

But because the mini car refrigerator is a mini refrigerator, its capacity is really incomparable with ordinary refrigerators, which is roughly the capacity of six cans of Coke.

There are three types of car refrigerators currently on the market.

The first is a rechargeable car refrigerator, using the car's own electricity, the temperature in the refrigerator can reach 2 to 5 degrees Celsius 2 hours after the car is started, and the price ranges from 200 to 800 yuan.

The second type is a dual-use refrigerator for home and car. It does not use car power and has the same performance as a rechargeable car refrigerator. Because it is a dual-use refrigerator, the price is 100-200 yuan more expensive.

The third type is a heat preservation refrigerator, which is insulated by installing storage ice packs. The price ranges from 100 to 200 yuan. Special liquid bags need to be frozen in advance for 8 hours.

There are all kinds of refrigerators on the market, but what kind of refrigerator to buy varies from person to person. When buying a refrigerator, do not blindly follow the crowd. You must choose the refrigerator that suits you or meets your own requirements according to your own needs.