The Development Of China Refrigerator Manufacturer Industry

Update:25 Nov 2020

Nowadays, my country's economic development is getting faster and faster, people's demand for the replacement of refrigerators has increased, and the global refrigerator market has entered a stage of steady development. In terms of the global refrigerator production pattern, Asia and Latin America have relatively large output. Among them, China is the world's largest refrigerator producer, and China refrigerator manufacturer also play an important role in the global refrigerator industry. The refrigerator industry has a high degree of concentration. .

After the reform and opening up, the domestic economy continued to maintain rapid growth, and my country's refrigerator industry developed rapidly. Domestic refrigerator manufacturers have changed from simple introduction and imitating to relying on independent research and development and focusing on innovation. Refrigerator products have made great progress and development in variety, specifications, technology, performance and quality, and the gap is constantly narrowing.

Due to its huge labor force and rapid economic development, China has always been a major exporter of household appliances, and foreign markets have become an important market for my country's refrigerator industry. In 2016, my country's refrigerator exports accounted for 47.99% of total output. In the future, with the development of the global economy, the penetration rate of refrigerators in developing countries will become higher and higher, and my country's refrigerator exports will always grow steadily.

As consumers' personal needs continue to increase, the number of refrigerator product models and parts is also increasing. Modular design and production improve the versatility and standardization of products, which can effectively reduce the cost of refrigerator manufacturers and promote technology and product innovation. In addition, my country's refrigerator industry has experienced long-term development, and the division of labor within the industry has continued to deepen. Machine manufacturers in the refrigerator industry focus on brand operation, core technology research and development and machine assembly. Some non-core processes have been transferred to supporting vendors. Support suppliers through modular design and production, large-scale operations and professional management, to further reduce the cost of non-core processes. The coordination of different tasks is also driving the development of the entire industry.

In addition to the steady development of refrigerators, China freezer is becoming more and more popular internationally. I believe that in the near future, both refrigerators and freezers will develop better and better.