Common Parameters Of Dc And Ac In Solar DC Freezers

Update:18 Nov 2020

Refrigerators such as 12V DC freezers and Solar DC Freezers have the word DC written. I believe everyone knows about AC and DC when buying electrical appliances, so they are not too unfamiliar. And everyone knows that AC is different from DC, and what we know most is that AC is alternating current and DC is direct current. So apart from that, do you know the difference between these two different currents? Let us take a look at it.

  1. The two polarities are called differently.

AC can be called neutral and live. DC is called positive and negative.

  1. The wiring during input is different.

For AC input, the wiring can be polarized. For DC input, the wiring must distinguish between positive and negative.

  1. The difference in frequency.

AC power parameters need to specify the frequency, such as 50Hz. DC power supplies generally do not have frequency parameters for reference.

  1. The relationship between current direction and time is different.

The direction of AC current is alternately changed according to the natural period. The direction of DC current flowing from the positive electrode to the negative electrode is constant and does not change.

AC and DC parameters that are often encountered in daily life.

AC power supply:

  1. The most common is the power supply of home appliances, the parameters are: 220V, 50Hz.
  2. Industrial electricity, the parameters are: 380V, 50Hz.

DC power supply:

1, No. 7 dry battery: 1.5V.

  1. Car battery: 12V.
  2. Battery car battery: 48V, 60V and 72V, etc.
  3. Mobile phone lithium battery: 3.7V.
  4. Mobile phone charger output: 5V or 5.2V.

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