The Difference Between Dc Freezer And Ac Freezer

Update:02 Dec 2020

The DC power supply used by the DC freezer and the AC power supply used by the AC freezer are two different currents, but they can work in most electrical appliances. We all know that although these two currents differ by only one word, their functions are different. So, what is the difference between the two current directions?

There are two directions for alternating current. It flows out and then flows back. The amplitude is constantly changing (the law of lighting electricity changes is sinusoidal). Frequency can indicate the speed at which the AC direction changes, and phase can indicate the start time of AC transmission. Therefore, in electricity, amplitude, frequency and phase are called the three elements of alternating current, which is really good. Only when these three factors are mentioned at the same time can the characteristics of alternating current be clearly explained.

Direct current has only one direction, that is, current can only flow from positive to negative. Its size is stable. Since the amplitude and direction are unchanged, the frequency and phase are not discussed. It seems that DC is relatively simple, haha. Voltage is characteristic of AC and DC. The DC power source is not necessarily a low voltage, such as a high voltage DC power transmission system.

We only use two types of electricity, namely alternating current and direct current. Of course, direct current refrigerators use direct current, while Top Open Door Freezer use alternating current.