Solar Cooling Process Of Solar Dc Freezer

Update:09 Dec 2020

According to records, humans have used solar energy for more than 3,000 years. The use of solar energy as energy and electricity only has a history of more than 300 years. The actual use of solar energy as "an urgently needed supplementary energy in the near future" and the "establishment of the future energy structure" are recent events. From ancient clothes drying to solar water heaters,  solar dc freezer , etc., solar energy is increasingly used in our daily lives. So, how to convert solar energy into refrigeration?

The possible technical methods of using solar energy to achieve cooling mainly include converting solar energy into thermal energy, using thermal energy for cooling, converting solar energy into electrical energy, and using electrical energy to drive related equipment for heating and cooling. According to demand, the solar refrigeration process can also meet different requirements from air conditioning to freezing temperature zones. According to different energy conversion methods, there are two main methods for solar-driven refrigeration. One is to convert light into electrical energy and then use electrical energy for cooling; the other is to convert light into heat and then use thermal energy for cooling.

Modern solar thermal energy technology integrates light energy and uses its energy to generate heat, steam, and electricity. In addition to using appropriate technologies to collect solar energy, buildings can also use the sun's light and heat by adding appropriate equipment during the design process, such as large windows facing south or using building materials that can absorb and slowly release solar energy.

In addition to the solar,  mini car freezer is also good energy-saving refrigerators.