Precautions In The Operation Of The Freezer Factory

Update:02 Dec 2020

The chest freezer factory will reserve enough time before the freezer deadline for customs clearance, boarding and emergency response. If the customs is sealed in the customer’s place of origin and then transferred to the customs, customs clearance will take at least one day. If the customer clears the general trade at the customs, he needs to keep it for two to three days for customs declaration. Handling of special circumstances: If you encounter an accident (such as customs inspection, etc.) on the afternoon of customs clearance day, if you cannot declare and release on time, you need to immediately apply to the transportation company for delay. Receipt and release time, and confirm with the freight company. The exact time of the boat. If the ship will sail in the afternoon or evening of the next day, I would very much like to apply to the transportation company to extend the release time to noon or afternoon the next day (because the transportation company usually finds a way to make it as cold as possible) .

The name of the goods and the total weight of the goods: the detailed goods must be provided when booking with the transportation company. It is best to provide both Chinese and English product names. If the customer cannot provide the exact name under special circumstances, at least the category of the product must be provided, such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, beef balls, fish balls, silkworm pu, etc. The shipping company needs to provide the total weight of the cargo at the time of booking, because some ports have limited weight requirements, so the cargo is incorrect.

Generally speaking, the adjustable temperature range of the freezer provided by commercial freezer suppliers is usually between minus 21 degrees Celsius and positive 18 degrees Celsius. The adjustable ventilation range of the freezer is approximately: 0 CBM / HOUR ~ ~ 240 CBM / HOUR. In order to ensure the safe storage and transportation of frozen goods, the temperature, ventilation and pre-cooling requirements must be carefully confirmed when ordering the warehouse. Generally, frozen food (below 0°C) does not require ventilation, only refrigerated fresh food (fruits and vegetables above 0°C) need ventilation.