The Difference Between Commercial Freezer And Household Refrigerator

Update:02 Jun 2022

commercial freezers have different functions depending on the application. There are refrigerators, freezers, and dual temperature cabinets. Generally, the cabinets of supermarket freezers, convenience store freezer series and dessert store cake and bread refrigerated display cabinet series are single-temperature cabinets, either refrigerated or frozen. Only some stainless steel freezers used in kitchens have dual temperature cabinets, which can be refrigerated and frozen. Single-temperature commercial refrigerators are generally integrated, and it is easier to odor if different foods are stored. In terms of appearance: the volume of commercial freezers is generally much larger than that of refrigerators. Not too power efficient. The appearance is relatively simple, the workmanship is average, and the large ones are generally used for commercial use and some small ones are used for home use.

The general volume of household refrigerators is smaller than that of freezers. Relatively power-saving (one power for three days). The appearance is more beautiful, the workmanship is fine, and it is generally more suitable for home use. The refrigerator is composed of a freezer compartment and a fresh-keeping refrigerator compartment, which can be used for both refrigeration and freezing, and the temperature is also different. The refrigerator is also the fresh-keeping room. It can store fresh fruits, vegetables, cooked rice, meat, steamed bread, garlic is not easy to germinate, and mung beans and red dates can be stored without insects. The freezer can store meat food, both raw and cooked, as well as ice cream bought from wholesale markets, beverages in plastic bottles, and glass bottles that are not easy to store and will be damaged by freezing.

In addition, before we choose a freezer, we must know that the most important function of the freezer is the function of refrigeration and preservation, and the performance and quality of the product, all of which we have to consider.

The cooling effect is the most important for freezers and refrigerators, especially in summer. Deterioration or loss of nutrients, so this should be understood clearly in the purchase.