Depending On The Type Of Refrigerator, It Is Better To Adjust The Temperature Like This

Update:27 May 2022

Depending on the type of refrigerator, it is better to adjust the temperature like this

1. Mechanical refrigerator: adjust the temperature by adjusting the gear knob. Generally, it is adjusted according to the season, 2-3 gears in summer, and 5-6 gears in winter.

2. Computer temperature-controlled refrigerator: directly adjust the temperature. Generally, the refrigerator is adjusted to 2-8 degrees, and the freezer is adjusted to -15 to -18 degrees.

Refrigerator temperature adjustment

1. Mechanical refrigerator

mechanical refrigerator

The gears of the thermostat are generally: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (some are up to 5). The temperature can be adjusted by adjusting the digital gear. The higher the number, the temperature of the refrigerator. lower. We generally adjust the gears of the refrigerator when the seasons change, especially in summer and winter, because the changes in ambient temperature are relatively large at this time, so in order to keep the temperature difference between the temperature in the refrigerator and the ambient temperature within a The appropriate range requires us to adjust the gear according to the season.

In summer, we can adjust the gear to 2-3. The gear within this range can make the refrigerator have good refrigeration and freezing effect in summer, and it will not make the energy consumption of the refrigerator too high.

In winter, we can adjust the gear to the 5-6 range.

The price of mechanical refrigerators is relatively cheap, and it is suitable for people who do not have high requirements for refrigerators, such as small partners who rent houses. When purchasing a mechanical refrigerator, in addition to its high quality and low price, we must choose a big brand, which has a good guarantee of quality and after-sales and can also save the troubles caused by the frequent failure of the refrigerator.

2. Computer-controlled refrigerator

computer temperature control refrigerator

This kind of refrigerator can directly adjust the temperature, and there is no need to adjust the temperature range according to seasonal changes. It only needs to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator compartment to 2-8 degrees, and the freezer compartment can be between -15 and -18 degrees.

Although people know more about refrigerators, they are still confused by the many types of refrigerators when purchasing, and they do not know how to choose. In fact, after choosing the brand, we can make purchases based on factors such as appearance, capacity, function, and energy consumption.