Six Common Senses Of Saving Electricity In Ice Cream Showcase

Update:27 Aug 2020

I believe many shopkeepers will encounter similar problems: electrical appliances consume too much power in summer, and they are eager to find a solution. Although the electricity bill is not expensive, the whole society is reducing the emission for energy saving, so we should take action. It's very simple to save electricity in Ice Cream Showcase, just pay attention to six common senses.

1. It should be placed in a place with low ambient temperature and good ventilation conditions, and the top, left and right sides, and back of the ice cream showcase should have appropriate space for heat dissipation.

2. When taking and storing food, try to reduce the number and time of opening the door, open and close the door quickly, open the door at a small angle, and take out or put the food in a planned way as far as possible, so as to avoid excessive cold air overflow and excessive indoor hot air entering the cabinet.

3. It is forbidden to put hot food in the ice cream showcase. Because of the high heat content of hot food, when it is put into the ice cream showcase, the temperature in the cabinet will rise sharply, at the same time, the frost thickness on the evaporator surface will increase, the working time of the compressor will be prolonged, and the power consumption will increase. Therefore, hot food must be cooled outside the cabinet before it can be put into the cabinet.

4. The amount stored in the ice cream showcase should be moderate, not too full or too tight, and placed reasonably. Because the volume and load of the ice cream showcase are certain, the food in the cabinet is too full and too tight, which will affect the convection of air in the cabinet, make it difficult for the food to dissipate heat, and affect the fresh-keeping effect of food. At the same time, the working time of compressor is increased, and the power consumption is increased.

5. Defrost and remove dust on the surface of condenser and cabinet regularly to ensure good heat absorption and radiation performance of evaporator and condenser, shorten working time of compressor and save electric energy.

6. On the premise of ensuring food quality, adjust the temperature controller reasonably according to seasonal changes, food types and quantity, so that the whole machine is always in the best working state.

Of course, all these practices should be based on the fact that there is nothing wrong with the ice cream showcase itself. It is worth noting that the ice cream showcase should not be re-powered within five minutes of power failure, which will reduce the service life of the ice cream showcase. If the power plug is unplugged while the machine is running and then plugged in again, it will cause load, make it difficult to start, or even fail to start. At this time, the starting current through the machine will reach 10 times of the normal value, which is very easy to cause the motor burning accident.