From What Aspects Can China Freezer Factory Troubleshoot Problems

Update:01 Sep 2020

The freezer has been used for a long time, which will inevitably lead to certain faults; Frequent starting of the freezer compressor is an abnormal phenomenon, and it is also one of the common faults of the freezer. During the use of the freezer, it is often heard that the compressor is repeatedly started, and it stops running after a short time, and then continues to run again, repeating the same situation; What are the reasons for frequent startup of freezer compressor? China freezer factory can be investigated from the following aspects:

1. Insufficient refrigerant amount in the refrigeration system

The most common fault analysis of frequent startup of freezer compressor when refrigerant is insufficient; If refrigerant leakage is found, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection and repair welding, and then add refrigerant after evacuation.

2. Unstable voltage

Under normal circumstances, the operating voltage of the freezer is between 180 volts and 240 volts. If the voltage exceeds the range, the compressor will run poorly, which can be controlled by a voltage stabilizer.

3. Poor contact of temperature controller

If the temperature controller is in poor contact, and the contact cannot be switched on or off quickly, the contact should be polished to make it contact well.

4. Improper storage of food in freezer

Don't store too much food in the freezer, so that the cold air in the freezer can flow naturally, and the temperature position adjusted by the temperature controller should be accurate.