Moisture-proof Skills/Methods/Steps Of 12V DC Freezer

Update:23 Jul 2020

Keep a distance: The 12V DC Freezer should not be placed close to the wall surface, but should be kept at a certain distance from the wall surface. Especially in rainy and humid spring, the moisture on the wall will affect the parts inside the refrigerator through the small holes outside the cabinet ice, which will cause the parts of the freezer to be wet; Therefore, the 12V DC freezer needs to be about 10cm away from the wall when it is placed.

Clean regularly: The accumulated water in 12V DC freezer must be treated in time to keep a dry environment as far as possible. Long-term accumulation of water can easily lead to problems of internal parts, so the easiest way to clean it regularly after using it for a period of time is to dry it with a dry rag.

Defrost frequently: The inner wall of freezer often freezes, which is a situation that many people often encounter when using freezer. You can cut a piece of plastic film according to the scale inside the refrigerator and stick it on the frosty inner wall of the refrigerator.

Once the freezer is wet, it is easy to cause the paint on the exterior of the 12V DC freezer to fall and the parts of the freezer to rust; In rainy and humid spring, the refrigerator is easily damp. If it is not well protected from moisture, it will easily affect the service life of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to protect the refrigerator correctly during normal use.