12V DC Freezer Is Dangerous After Being Stopped For A Long Time

Update:21 Jul 2020

1. The long-term shutdown of 12V DC Freezer will cause the lubricating oil in the compressor to sink to the bottom, and all the workpieces in the machine will be dry. At this time, if it is opened, the compressor piston will run without lubrication, which will affect the life of the compressor. This will cause economic losses.

2. How to start using the 12V DC freezer that has been discontinued for a long time

When restarting a freezer or refrigerator after a long period of inactivity, three immediate starts are required. The specific method is: connect and disconnect the power supply, repeat it every 5 minutes, and turn it on and off 3 times in total.

3. Suggestions on 12V DC freezer

If you find abnormal noise or shutdown of 12V DC freezer after initial startup, if it cannot be recovered, you should ask professionals from regular companies to repair it. Do not disassemble and repair by yourself, so as not to expand the scope of failure.