Pay Attention To The Phenomenon Of Equilibrium Temperature Difference In Commercial Freezer

Update:28 Jul 2020

The weather is getting cold slowly, and there will be problems when the commercial freezer is used improperly. For example, opening and closing the door frequently will damage the commercial freezer, so the commercial freezer suppliers reminds you of some problems that you should pay attention to when using it at ordinary times.

1. Balance the phenomenon of temperature difference. If the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the commercial freezer is too large, it will lead to a large number of water drops on the outside of the commercial freezer in use, which will accelerate the corrosion of components and components over time, which will easily lead to its damage.

2. People need to be cold-proof, but commercial freezers also need to be cold-proof. They can be placed at the windward port in summer, but the same is true in winter, which will inevitably be impacted by the cold wind, so that the components can not be used normally and accelerate the aging of the components, thus shortening their life.

3. The commercial freezer is away from the heat source. If the outdoor temperature is too high, it will work at two temperatures for a long time, which will make the current and voltage unbalanced and eventually damage the product.

4. The opening and closing times of the commercial freezer should be controlled. Generally, the temperature in the store is about 25℃ in summer. If it is frequently opened and closed, its internal components may have problems in the transition of high and low temperatures and be damaged.