Introduction Of Refrigerators And Their Use Classification

Update:17 Jun 2022

A refrigerator is a refrigeration device that maintains a constant low temperature, and it is also a civilian product that keeps food or other items in a constant low-temperature state. In the box, there are a compressor, a cabinet or a box for the ice maker to freeze, and a storage box with a refrigerating device. The volume of household refrigerators is usually 20 to 500 liters.

Classification of refrigerators

Refrigerator: At least one compartment of this type of refrigerator is a refrigerator, which is used to store food that does not need to be frozen, and its temperature should be kept above 0 °C. But this type of refrigerator can have a cooling compartment, an ice-making compartment, a frozen food storage compartment, and an ice compartment, but it does not have a freezer compartment.

Refrigerator-freezer: This type of refrigerator has at least one compartment for the refrigerator compartment and one compartment for the freezer compartment.

Freezer: At least one refrigerator of this type is a freezer and can store food according to regulations, and there may be a frozen food storage room

Internal cooling classification

Air-conditioning forced circulation type: also known as inter-cooled (air-cooled) or frost-free refrigerator. There is a small fan in the refrigerator to force the air flow in the box, so the temperature in the box is uniform, the cooling speed is fast, and it is convenient to use. However, due to the defrosting system, the power consumption is slightly larger and the manufacturing is relatively complicated.

Air-conditioning natural convection: also known as direct cooling or frost refrigerator. The freezing chamber is directly surrounded by the evaporator, or there is an evaporator in the freezing chamber, and another evaporator is arranged on the upper part of the refrigerating chamber, and the evaporator directly absorbs heat to cool down. This type of refrigerator has a relatively simple structure and low power consumption, but has poor temperature inefficiency and is relatively inconvenient to use.

Combination of forced circulation of cold air and natural convection: New products of this type of refrigerator are mostly used, mainly because they take into account the advantages of wind and direct cooling refrigerators at the same time.