Basic Introduction Of Solar Dc Freezer

Update:24 Jun 2022

Solar DC Freezer mainly includes solar photovoltaic refrigerators and solar semiconductor refrigerators. Solar photovoltaic refrigerators are developed on the basis of ordinary traditional compression refrigerators and are composed of solar cells, controllers, batteries, and refrigerators. The solar-powered semiconductor refrigerator mainly includes a solar cell array, a controller, a storage battery, and a semiconductor refrigeration device. The solar cell array is located on the sun-irradiated surface or on the top surface of the refrigerator. The device is connected to the hot end of the semiconductor refrigeration device arranged on the other side of the refrigerator, the other end is directly connected to the cold end of the semiconductor refrigeration device, and one end of the battery arranged in the refrigerator is connected to the controller, and the other end is connected to the solar cell array. between the controller.

Since the internal structure of the solar photovoltaic refrigerator is the same as that of the traditional refrigerator, except that the power supply device is changed to solar cells, it is relatively simple to implement. Literature reports show that many experimental results show that after the traditional AC refrigerator is transformed into a DC refrigerator suitable for photovoltaic solar systems, all components can operate normally, and the refrigerator can work normally. The experimental results show that the minimum temperature of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator can reach -16℃, and the refrigerator compartment can reach 0~10℃. When working at an ambient temperature of 25℃, the operating rate is 48%.