What Is Way To Compare Different Types Of Commercial Freezer?

Update:26 Nov 2021

When choosing which type of Commercial Freezer, consider factors such as:

Size: French door and side-by-side models tend to offer larger capacities with top or bottom freezer fridges offering more compact options. Explore our guide to refrigerator sizes and dimensions to

Style: Choose a top freezer fridge if you want a classic style, or go for a French door if you’re looking for something more modern. For a premium look, consider a built-in installation or counter-depth fridge.

Space/cubic feet: Side-by-side refrigerators may offer a little more freezer storage compared to other fridges. French door along with top-and-bottom freezer refrigerators provide wide cavities but you’ll have to choose whether you want fresh food or frozen at eye level.

Organization options: Look for the kinds of shelves and storage compartments or bins you’ll use the most. A fridge featuring adjustable storage options will let you customize the layout for your needs. Get help organizing your fridge to help keep your food fresh.

Features: A top or bottom freezer fridge with a streamlined set of features can still provide excellent cold storage. If you’re looking for some additional options like exterior ice and water, specialized temperature zones, and spill-proof shelves, look to French door and side-by-side models.

Finishes: Most refrigerators are available in white, black, and stainless steel. Whirlpool brand also offers select models featuring a fingerprint-resistant stainless finish that resists smudges and easily wipes clean.