Ice Cream Freezer Accessories

Update:19 Nov 2021

Ice Cream Freezer Frost top and cold slab units:
Designed to provide a reliable cold work or display area, these frost tops and cold slabs prevent your ice cream from melting. Customers will delight in watching you mix their ice cream and toppings together! They fit easily into a countertop cutout and wipe clean with ease.

Refrigerated ice cream topping rails:
These combination units boast topping rails that are convenient for syrup jars and topping containers while having either a dipping cabinet or storage base underneath. The topping rails are constructed of durable stainless steel, making them easy to clean after a busy night, and the unit features a flip-lid design, so you can scoop your ice cream and smother it with delicious toppings without having to walk to another station. These handy cabinets are perfect for nearly any ice cream parlor or restaurant. Excellence curved glass sneeze guard

Frost shields:
Nobody likes the taste of freezer-burnt ice cream! You can help prevent frost build-up by purchasing a frost shield for your freezer. These shields install quickly and easily into your unit and accumulate the frost that would otherwise form on your ice cream. Not only do frost shields help improve the taste of your ice cream, but they also save you money by preserving your ice cream and keeping it fresher longer.