Hardware Is Not The Only Factor Affecting The Price Of Chest Freezer Factory

Update:09 Jul 2020

Chest freezer is not "the more energy saving, the better". Like freezing power, the power consumption of chest freezer is also a very important performance index. However, in order to achieve the best fresh-keeping effect, it is not enough to reduce electricity consumption, and it is necessary to have an optimized structure and refrigeration design. According to the market survey of air conditioning and refrigeration, the Chest Freezer Factory can save electricity by adding insulation layer (the cost increases correspondingly), and can also improve the energy efficiency ratio by adopting new technological achievements. Therefore, it cannot unilaterally emphasize that "the more power is saved, the better".

Pursuing brand is the current consumption fashion. However, brand does not mean high price, especially for products with mature technology such as chest freezer, the original materials, manufacturing process and quality performance of different brands are basically the same, so the manufacturing cost is roughly the same. It is understood that the factors that affect product prices are often soft costs, such as advertising expenses, internal management expenses and other factors, especially the management level of enterprises and the use of marketing strategies, which play a very important role in commodity prices.

Refrigeration power is an important technical index to measure refrigeration appliances. But refrigeration appliances have different uses. Compared with commercial use, scientific research and other special needs, the main technical performance of chest freezer should not be refrigeration, but preservation. Excessive freezing power will not only unnecessarily increase electricity consumption, but also destroy the internal tissue and nutritional structure of food. For people who pay attention to color and flavor, preservation is the first need for consumers to buy chest freezer.