What Aspects Do China Refrigerator Manufacturer Need You To Focus On

Update:14 Jul 2020

China Refrigerator Manufacturer will teach you to judge the state of refrigerators, carefully observe the working conditions of various parts of refrigerators, and focus on the refrigeration system, electrical system and air system to judge whether they work normally.

Refrigeration system: observe whether there are cracks, damages, frosting and condensation in each pipeline of the refrigeration system; Whether there is collision and friction between refrigeration pipelines, pipelines and shell, especially whether there is leakage at the welding parts and joint joints of refrigerant pipelines, and there will be oil pollution at all leakage parts (there is a certain amount of refrigerating machine oil in the refrigeration system). Clean soft cloth and soft paper can also be used to wipe the welding parts and joint joints of pipelines, and observe whether there is oil pollution to judge whether there is leakage.

Electrical system: observe whether the fuse of the electrical system is blown, whether the insulation of the electrical wire is intact, whether the circuit board is broken, whether the joint is loose, etc. Especially, whether the electrical connection is in good contact, and the connection screws and connectors are easy to loose, resulting in poor contact.

Ventilation system: observe whether the air filter screen, heat exchanger coil and fin accumulate too much dust; Whether the air inlet and outlet are unblocked; Whether the fan and fan blades operate normally; Whether the wind power is normal, etc.