12V DC Freezer Is Ideal For Selling Frozen Food

Update:07 Jul 2020

12V DC Freezer are ideal for frozen food centers because they can have a sliding lid or an open top, which can well display large quantities of frozen food.

12V DC freezer is an ideal choice for selling frozen foods in large quantities. These cabinets have a large display area, which can display promotions and internal products to the greatest extent.

12V DC freezers are usually related to the sale of ice cream, but these 12V DC freezers can be used to display and sell various products, including agricultural products, ready-to-eat foods and even ice bags.

Easy opening and closing

Have you ever felt depressed because the sliding glass door is too tight to open? Then look at our 12V DC freezer! Our glass door can be opened easily and has excellent heat insulation effect.

Equipped with adjustable basket

Not all 12V DC freezers add adjustable baskets because they increase costs. In order to meet the customer's interests, we are equipped with each kind of adjustable basket products, you can adjust the position of the basket according to your needs.

Long service life

12V DC freezers are designed for commercial catering industry, supermarkets and many other industries that seek maximum freshness. In these fields, constant temperature is required to maintain the quality and freshness of content and provide attractive and clear vision.