Considering Comprehensively the Selection Factors of Ice Cream Showcase

Update:19 Jun 2020

After several days of cool weather, the temperature began to rise again today. The highest temperature will climb to 30 degrees and the scorching sun will return again. A refrigerated Ice Cream Showcase can not only ensure the delicious taste of ice cream, but also meet the display requirements.

The lower part of the ice cream showcase is provided with a compressor and a refrigeration pipeline. The door of the display cabinet is a movable glass door, and the cabinet is internally provided with a food decoration board with a ladder-shaped size. The ice cream showcase adopts the movable glass door, so that ice cream of various flavors can be displayed in the cabinet at a glance, and meanwhile, pollution of dust, flies, mosquitoes and the like is isolated, and the ice cream showcase is clean and sanitary.

As the anti-fog conductive film is adopted on the transparent glass on the display surface of the ice cream showcase, the frost fog phenomenon of the transparent glass caused by the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the ice cream showcase can be eliminated after the conductive film is heated, thus being beneficial for people to observe the food displayed in the ice cream showcase.

To choose a good ice cream showcase, one cannot only measure it in terms of price. Because these refrigeration equipment itself is relatively expensive, wouldn't it be a small loss and a big gain if we had to exchange them for two or three years? In addition, the prices of different types of products are also different, and you can consider them comprehensively according to capacity, power and other factors.