Why Can't The New DC Freezer Be Powered Directly

Update:24 Jun 2020

When many merchants buy DC freezer on our side, they want to switch on the machine immediately and test it again, but they are told that they cannot switch on the electricity immediately. They must wait for one to two hours before switching on the electricity. Why is this?

When we use the DC freezer, the compressor in the cabinet needs to be protected with lubricant (function: to reduce or avoid friction and wear), so we will fill a certain amount of special lubricating oil into the refrigeration system during production, and the lubricating oil and refrigerant in the cabinet will be completely sealed in the refrigeration system after the product is used.

Before being transported to the store during delivery, it has already gone through several hours of turbulence, movement and even inclination, at which time the lubricating oil in the cabinet will flow into the coil of the heat exchanger along the pipeline. A small amount of lubricating oil will also be poured into the compression chamber of the compressor under the action of turbulence and vibration, which will easily cause the refrigeration system in the cabinet to be paralyzed after starting up. Therefore, to be on the safe side, we usually electrify the compressor one to two hours later.

At the same time, in order to ensure the hygiene and safety of use, the compressor and condenser (category: heat exchange equipment) should also be cleaned regularly. After using for a period of time, the food in the cabinet should be taken out for a sanitary cleaning. At present, some refrigeration equipment has deodorization and sterilization functions, and the air in the cabinet will be relatively clean.