Commercial Freezer Suppliers Remind You Not To Forget Cleaning

Update:17 Jun 2020

Freezer is a household appliance that every family will have. It is often used to store fresh food, so it is very important to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. Today, commercial freezer suppliers will explain how to maintain freezers. Let's have a look.

1. Clean the freezer regularly

If the freezer is used for a long time, the smell in the freezer will be very unpleasant, and even bacteria will breed, which will affect the original taste of food. Therefore, after the freezer is used for a long time, the food in the freezer should be taken out and the freezer should be thoroughly cleaned. Of course, the air in the freezer with photocatalyst deodorization and sterilization functions will be fresh and clean without peculiar smell, so you don't need to clean the freezer frequently.

2. Don't put household appliances together.

The heat generated by these appliances will increase the burden on the freezer and increase the power consumption. Stay away from heat sources and avoid direct sun exposure, as this heat will also increase the burden on the freezer. In short, when it comes to placement, be sure to keep the freezer away from heat sources and fully dissipate heat.

3. Clean the compressor and condenser regularly.

Compressors and condensers are important refrigeration components of freezers. Dust will affect heat dissipation, which will shorten the service life of parts and weaken the refrigeration effect of freezers. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check whether they are dirty and clean them if they are dirty. Of course, freezers with completely flat backs do not need to consider this problem. Because the condenser and compressor of the back-mounted freezer are exposed to the outside and are easily stained with dust, spider webs, etc. However, the condenser and compressor of the flat back freezer are all built-in, so the above situation will not occur.