The Scope Of Standard Classification Of Big Size Freezer

Update:11 Nov 2020

Now for most families, they will feel that ordinary refrigerators store refrigerated products. Putting vegetables and fruits, these daily things, I think the refrigerator is not enough, there are some more delicate and beautiful girls who also put some skin care products, such as facial masks, creams, etc., so more Many people will start to want to choose Big Size Freezer, so what standard classifications will be involved in Big Size Freezer? Let's take a look at the scope of the international standard classification and the Chinese standard classification of Big Size Freezer.

In the International Standard Classification, Big Size Freezer involve ceramics, steel products, foam materials, kitchen equipment, rotating electrical machines, analytical chemistry, rubber and plastic raw materials, acoustics and acoustic measurement, chip-free processing equipment, non-ferrous metal products, energy and heat conduction engineering Comprehensive, building components, medical equipment, pharmacy, shipbuilding and marine structure integration, housekeeping, chemical products, refrigeration technology, railway vehicles, store facilities, environmental protection, heat pumps, graphic symbols, household and commercial equipment, entertainment, sports, vocabulary, Measurement of volume, mass, density and viscosity.

In the Chinese standard classification, Big Size Freezer involve household ceramic products, steel pipes, cast iron pipes, synthetic materials, household air-conditioning and refrigeration appliances, control appliances, synthetic resins, plastics, basic standards and general methods for household appliances, basic standards and general Methods, forging machinery, heavy metals and their alloys, technical management, connectors, roofing, paving waterproof and moisture-proof materials, general and microsurgical equipment, lubricating oil, refrigeration equipment, deck accessories, heating, air supply, air conditioning and Refrigeration engineering integration, gas supply equipment, lightning arresters, light metal mines, special-purpose vehicle integration, ventilation, air conditioning engineering, indoor fixed equipment and equipment.