China Refrigerator Manufacturer Remind You To Use Small Details

Update:14 May 2020

There is no doubt that refrigerators play a very important role in the quality and preservation of food. However, if you do not pay attention to cleaning during use, there will inevitably be a peculiar smell in the cabinets, which will not only affect the taste of food but also easily deteriorate food and affect people's health, thus affecting consumers' purchasing desire. Here are some considerations for China Refrigerator Manufacturer.

When using it, many people usually put the unused raw meat back into the refrigerator with plastic wrap, which is a wrong method. Because frozen raw meat is easy to cause blood to flow out because it is not wrapped properly, causing other foods in the refrigerator to be contaminated. If vegetables are put into it, it may deteriorate the vegetables and even cause poisoning. The apples are placed in the freezer for a long time and easily release ethylene, a chemical substance, together with other foods. ethylene can make fresh vegetables and fruit foods deteriorate and dry. therefore, when placing apples in the freezer, the apples should be sealed with plastic tape or fresh-keeping box under sealed conditions, so as to ensure freshness of other foods.

For refrigerators, it is best to place foods that are not easy to deteriorate. For sauces, salads, beverages, etc., it is best to control the temperature of the refrigerating chamber at 3℃~5℃. Before the vegetables are put into the cabinet, it is best to seal them with plastic bags and keep a certain humidity at the same time, so as to keep the freshness of the vegetables. If the vegetables want to be put into the cabinet for a longer time, it is best to wash the vegetables first and then place them under sealed conditions.

No matter what food is placed in the refrigerator, there must be a certain degree, which is usually 70% of the volume. Once the food is full, it will affect the convection of the air and greatly reduce the freezing effect beyond its volume. The constant work of the motor consumes a lot of electric energy invisibly. At the same time, the food is too crowded and it is not very convenient to take it out. Finally, be sure to get into the good habit of cleaning the refrigerator regularly!