In This Way, Using Big Size Freezer Can Save More Electricity

Update:08 May 2020

1. Influence of ambient temperature on the power consumption of big size freezer

Because the Big Size Freezer uses refrigerant to circulate in the refrigeration pipeline, absorbs heat in the evaporator to evaporate into a gas, condenses into liquid in the external condenser to release heat, and continuously brings the heat in the freezer to the condenser to be emitted into the air. In this way, the ambient temperature has the following effects on the power consumption of the freezer.

2. Influence of temperature controller gear on the power consumption of big size freezer

Each freezer is operated through a scheduling gear to schedule the temperature in the freezer. Therefore, the higher the thermostat gear, the lower the temperature in the freezer. After the temperature reaches -18℃, it is difficult to decrease by 1℃, and the colder it is, the harder it is to decrease. However, the lowest temperature for successive operations can reach below-24℃. However, at this moment, the same temperature difference between the exterior and the interior will be large, and the amount of cold lost will lead to a long startup time or even no shutdown.

Assuming that the startup time is long due to too high a gear, it is better to lower the thermostat gear and the startup time will be significantly shortened. If-18℃ is commonly used instead of of-22℃, the freezer can save 30% of power consumption.

3. Influence of door opening times on power consumption

People who use big size freezer all feel this way. Opening the door of the freezer can feel the chill running out, and running the chill will definitely cause the temperature inside the freezer to rise, which will cause the thermostat to fail to reach the shutdown temperature for a long time, causing the compressor to work for a long time and the power consumption to increase.