Application Prospect of Solar DC Freezer

Update:18 May 2020

Since the internal structure of the Solar DC Freezer is the same as that of the traditional freezer, except that the power supply device is changed into a solar cell, the solar DC freezer is relatively simple to implement.

The use of traditional freezers needs to consume a large amount of conventional energy, causing more and more serious pollution to the environment indirectly. Judging from China's current energy supply and environmental protection needs, the development of freezers using clean energy will be the general trend. In addition, many remote areas and nomads in China have not yet been included in the power supply network and are not yet in a position to use freezers to preserve food. These also provide a potential market for the development of solar DC freezers.

However, there are also various factors restricting the wide application of solar DC freezer refrigeration technology at this stage. On the one hand, due to the low efficiency, high price and aging of solar energy, the installation of heat collectors will be greatly limited for buildings with relatively concentrated residence. On the other hand, there are many forms of solar refrigeration, but according to the current research situation, various forms of refrigeration systems are insufficient. How to further improve the operation efficiency of the system and the combined operation of various refrigeration cycles are the key areas of future research.

At present, the technology of driving traditional freezers by consuming a large amount of electric power has been perfected day by day. It is difficult to make a big breakthrough in the technological innovation of freezers simply from the aspects of high efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving. However, solar freezers still have a large development space and will be a development direction of the freezer industry in the future. The development of solar freezers is a major innovation in the freezer industry. It will greatly promote the upgrading of the entire freezer industry technology chain and will make great contributions to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction.