How far is the summer for Mini Car Freezer

Update:20 May 2020

With the increase of car ownership in China, a series of related articles will follow. Mini Car Freezer, with its unique advantages of portability and petite, is more and more loved by car friends.

At present, there are roughly three types of mini-car freezers on the market. Due to the different performance of freezers, the prices also vary greatly.

The first type is a relatively early product, because it does not have refrigeration function, only heat preservation function, also known as heat preservation box. When in use, articles to be refrigerated must be put into a freezer for freezing and then put into a heat preservation box, and words with ice bags are put into the ice bags, so that the ice can be kept frozen in a short time. The advantages of the freezer are no electricity consumption, relatively low price, and the disadvantages are that heat preservation cannot be carried out for a long time and the space is small.

The second type is semiconductor onboard freezer. Its principle is to rely on electronic chips to refrigerate. It uses P-N junctions made of special semiconductor materials to form thermocouple pairs to generate Peltier effect, that is, a new type of refrigeration method using direct current to refrigerate. The refrigeration effect is about 18 degrees below the ambient temperature and the heating is 65 degrees. This method has the advantages of cooling and heating, environmental protection, no pollution, small volume, low cost, no vibration and noise during work, and long service life. Disadvantages are poor refrigeration efficiency and small capacity.

The third category is the compressor vehicle-mounted freezer. The compressor is the traditional technology of the traditional freezer, with low refrigeration temperature up to minus 18 degrees. Its advantages are good cooling effect and large volume, and it is the mainstream direction of the future development of on-board freezers. The disadvantages are heavy weight, electricity consumption and high price.