3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Top Open Door Freezer

Update:10 Dec 2021

Storage options: Most Top Open Door Freezer refrigerators have full-width adjustable shelves instead of the half-width options in the bottom refrigerator and French door models. The frameless shelf maximizes storage space, but cannot accommodate spills. The freezer shelf is not always adjustable. In addition to the crisper, there is usually an additional drawer called a "cooked food drawer", a "pantry drawer" or a "snack drawer". This drawer can be half-width or full-width. If you hang it under the shelf, it will limit the shelf space below it. For door boxes, the fresh doors of most top freezer cabinets can be placed in three rows in total. If they are all full width, it may limit your options for installing tall objects. However, the overall storage capacity of half-width shelves will be slightly lower.


External dimensions: All these models are 33" wide, but vary in depth and height. The average size top freezer model is usually 28-30" wide. If you are dealing with space constraints such as narrow entrance aisles or low shelves above the refrigerator installation area, it is worth the extra time to measure these areas!


Temperature control: If you want digital temperature control or actual temperature readings, even the best top freezer refrigerators may have fairly simple temperature control. You can set a dial or press a button to adjust the temperature from "cold" to "cooler". If you are concerned about knowing the exact internal temperature, consider using a refrigerator thermometer.