Is Your Commercial Freezer Temperature Setting Correct?

Update:17 Dec 2021

Always start with the temperature recommended in the Commercial Freezer manual. Wait approximately 24 hours after making any changes, and then check the interior. The temperature is suitable under the following conditions:

The surface is mostly frost-free
If there is a lot of snow and frost, the temperature may be set too low for the refrigerator to remove moisture. Ice coverings near door gaskets (rubber seals around the edge of the door) mean they may let air in. If there is ice everywhere, your door may remain open.

Your ice cream is very firm
Although the ideal spoon temperature for ice cream is 6° to 10°F (-14° to -12°C), it is too high for long-term storage. It is best to store it below 0°F (-18°C) and then heat it slightly before eating.

Your food has no frostbite
Freezing hot food or freezing a lot at a time can cause temperature fluctuations, so let the food cool first, and then add one item at a time to the refrigerator. This should help you avoid dryness and flavor loss. Learn more about what is cry burn and how to prevent it.