What Are The Points To Note When Purchasing Commercial Refrigerators

Update:29 Apr 2022

(1) The greater the freezing power, the better?

The Commercial freezes power is an important indicator to measure the refrigerator, but the purpose of the refrigerator is different, and the performance requirements are also distinguished. Excessive refrigeration will not only increase the user's expense needlessly but also destroy the internal organization and nutrition of the food.

(2) The more power-saving the refrigerator, the better?

The power consumption of a refrigerator is indeed a very important performance indicator, but to achieve the best preservation effect and the best energy efficiency ratio, it is not enough to just make a fuss about reducing power consumption. It must have a relatively complete structure and Refrigeration design. In fact, the more power-saving, the better. From the overall collocation point of view, the refrigerator also needs to fit the environment, so these factors should also be considered when purchasing. On this issue, some companies use simple measures such as thickening the insulation layer to achieve the purpose of saving power; while some companies use new technological achievements to improve the energy efficiency ratio, so they cannot one-sidedly emphasize "the more power is saved, the better.".

(3) The more functions, the more advanced?

Some refrigerators are "complicated" in terms of function. No matter what kind of consumers they are facing, and whether consumers need them or not, businesses always make their product functions more and more complicated. The result of this is that users not only spend more money on a lot of impractical functions but more importantly, on frequent failures due to cumbersome design. And from a functional point of view, there are considerable differences in requirements and technical ratios. For example, if a considerable refrigeration power is required, greater power must be matched, and energy-saving and silent noise will have a certain limit. For example, if you want to be fluorine-free, you have to use substitutes, and the substitutes are easy to leak or corrode the inner tank, the probability of failure is also greater, and the life of the refrigerator is correspondingly reduced. It is impossible for a product to be the best in all indicators. It looks like a "magic oil", but in fact, it may not work well.

(4) The more expensive the better?

Pursuing famous brands when shopping has become a consumer fashion for many people now. However, you should also pay attention to the purchase process, famous brand does not mean that a high price must be spent, especially for products with mature technology like refrigerators. Different brands have basically the same original materials, manufacturing processes, and quality performance, so the manufacturing costs are mostly similar. In this case, consumers should clearly realize that it is often soft costs that affect product pricing, such as advertising expenses, internal management expenses, differences in enterprise size and market positioning, and other factors. In particular, the management level of the enterprise and the use of rich sales strategies also play an important role in the price of commodities. Therefore, the more expensive the refrigerator is not necessarily the better.

(5) Summary

Finally, I would like to remind you to carefully check the exterior of the Commercial freezer for damage after purchasing the refrigerator. Also, check whether the door seal of the refrigerator is intact. If the door seal is not tight enough, it may directly affect the refrigeration effect and power consumption of the refrigerator. Carefully sail the ship for thousands of years, and hope that everyone can successfully buy a refrigerator that satisfies them.