Transportation, Placement And Operation Of Freezers

Update:08 Apr 2022

Transportation, placement, and operation of freezers

Handling and placement

1. The freezer should be placed smoothly, and the packaging base should be evacuated to reduce vibration and noise. When carrying and moving, its inclination angle is not more than 45 degrees.

2. A certain space should be reserved between the freezer and adjacent items to facilitate ventilation and heat dissipation.

3. The freezer should be placed in a place away from direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

4. Do not place it in a place with heavy moisture or splashing water.

5. Do not place it in an environment that is too cold to freeze.

After the freezer is moved, let it stand for 30 minutes before turning on the power.

control operation

1. Turn on the power: the green indicator light is on to indicate that the power is turned on, and the freezer enters the working state.

2. Temperature adjustment: The storage temperature of the freezer is adjusted by the thermostat inside the machine room. The thermostat should be adjusted according to the ambient temperature and the specific conditions of the food stored in the freezer. In summer, the temperature control point should be reduced (rotate the knob of the thermostat counterclockwise). The temperature control point of the freezer is generally set when it leaves the factory, and it is not suitable to adjust it frequently in normal use. When adjusting the knob of the thermostat, do not touch other parts with your hands.

3. Trial operation: turn on the power supply for trial operation, if there is a significant cooling sensation after half an hour, it means that the freezer is working normally. After the empty cabinet has been running for a period of time (6 hours in summer and 4 hours in winter), frozen food can be stored in the cabinet.