Chest Freezer Buying Guide

Update:02 Apr 2022

Chest Freezer Buying Guide


It is important to consider which size best suits your needs. There are some common sizes to meet home and business needs. The capacity of the refrigerator can vary from 18 liters to 400 liters. Before buying any freezer, choose your size wisely.

size of a small refrigerator

They are usually three main sizes and can be used in small refrigerators. The most common are 3.5 cubic feet, 5 cubic feet, and 7 cubic feet. The 7-cubic-foot size is more common in commercial spaces, while the 3.5 and 7-cubic feet are more common. ft is mainly suitable for home use.

external storage

Many refrigerators have built-in insulating liners. You can store such models in outdoor spaces. Choose a freezer that can be stored outside in an unheated room. This will allow you to easily store them in garages and basements.

safety features

Before buying a freezer, it is important to keep safety factors in mind. Choose models with improved safety features, such as door locks and overheating indicators.

balance cap

Choose a freezer with a balanced lid. This will allow you to easily remove items without having to hold the cover above. Many models also feature a 2-way balance lid, allowing you to open the refrigerator from both ends. It is recommended to check the product description on the lid material.

energy efficiency

Always choose a refrigerator with an Energy Star rating. This will allow you to save electricity consumption. We recommend that you choose those with efficient insulation for even cooling.


Before buying, you should consider the price of the refrigerator. Freezer prices vary by size, model, and function. The usual price is around $211 to $2500.


It is important to check the warranty of the product before purchasing. All freezers come with a standard annual warranty. Some brands also offer extended warranties of 2-3 years.