Top Open Door Freezer's Technology

Update:28 Apr 2021

Our quality of life is getting better and better, so the material requirements are getting higher and higher, and the types and functions of refrigerators are also increasing. The top open door freezer is a practical Freezer that meets the needs of the public.

Top Open Door Freezer and horizontal freezer are not only different in form and structure but also functional types. In addition to direct cooling with air, the cooling method can also be indirect cooling with water as the carrier refrigerant. The storage of food in the horizontal freezer is easy to accumulate, and it is not as convenient to access as the vertical freezer. However, the upper opening method of the horizontal freezer reduces the loss of cooling capacity, and the structure is simpler than the vertical freezer and the price is cheaper.

Nowadays, some vertical freezers are still computer-controlled technology. The temperature is controlled by a computer. The operation is very simple. The temperature and quality of the cold storage are guaranteed. To make the display of the products look more beautiful, the vertical freezer adopts partitioned storage racks to put the products in different categories, which can make the products look clear at a glance, more practical, and simple.

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