Big Size Freezer Winter Temperature Adjustment

Update:21 Apr 2021

As one of the essential household appliances in the daily life of most families, the role of big size freezer is naturally self-evident, but because it is a special household appliance that is plugged in throughout the year, there is a choice of temperature and corresponding modes. The adjustment is also related to whether the refrigerator can achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. So which refrigerator temperature should be selected in winter? What are the specific adjustment methods?

In winter, the general gear should be set to 4 or higher. The reason is that the product you buy has only a refrigerated room temperature controller to control the temperature of refrigeration and freezing because the technical requirements for refrigeration temperature should be controlled between 0 and 10 degrees. The cold storage environment in winter is relatively low, and cold storage can easily reach the set temperature. If the set temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the refrigerator to be turned on for a short time and the freezing and refrigeration effect cannot be achieved. If the ambient temperature is low in winter, it is mainly to ensure the freezing Refrigeration effect. In general, if the ambient temperature is lower than 16 degrees, adjust to gear 5, and lower than 10 degrees, you can adjust to gear 6 or 7. Sometimes because the ambient temperature is too low, such as 0 to 5 degrees, the gear is lowered and the frozen things are refrigerated. At this time, the food can be stored outside the refrigerator.

Of course, the DC freezer can also be adjusted in this way.