Tips To Help Your Commercial Freezer Last Longer

Update:18 Mar 2022

Here are some tips to help ensure your commercial freezer lasts longer:


Make sure the inside of the refrigerator is properly clean to help it run efficiently.


Check your refrigerator regularly for issues such as dirt buildup on the condenser, signs of frost and ice, damaged parts, faulty door latches, and more.


Clean fan blades regularly to improve air circulation and motor performance.


Make sure to set your refrigerator to the ideal temperature of -18 degrees Celsius for efficient and safe food storage.


Only open commercial freezers when necessary in commercial kitchens.


Choose a commercial freezer with automatic defrosting.


Keep your freezer organized to avoid overpacking the cabinet and to avoid clogging thermometers and fans.


Schedule annual maintenance to inspect compressors, fan motors and electrical wiring, and make repairs as needed.


These tips will help your commercial freezer work more efficiently to extend its lifespan.