Ice Cream Freezer Accessories And Featured Products

Update:11 Mar 2022

Ice Cream Freezer Accessories and Featured Products

Frost top and cold plate unit:

Designed to provide a reliable cold working or display area, these frosting tops and cold plates keep your ice cream from melting. Customers will be delighted to see you mix up their ice cream and toppings! They fit easily into countertop cutouts and wipe clean with ease.

Refrigerated Ice Cream Top Rails:

These combi units have top rails for easy placement of syrup tanks and top containers, while a dipping cabinet or storage base is located below. The top rails are made of durable stainless steel, making them easy to clean after a busy night, and the unit has a clamshell design so you can scoop your ice cream and stuff it with delicious toppings without having to walk to another station. These handy Cabinets are suitable for almost any ice cream shop or restaurant.

Sneeze Guard:

You may not be free from germs and germs, but you can certainly prevent them from contaminating your novelty ice cream treats. A sneeze shield is a great way to stop outside contaminants from contaminating your ice cream.

Frost Shield:

Nobody likes the taste of frozen baked ice cream! You can help prevent frost buildup by purchasing a frost cover for your refrigerator. These shields install quickly and easily into your equipment and accumulate frost that would otherwise form on your ice cream. Not only does Frost Shield help improve the flavor of your ice cream, but it also saves you money by preserving ice cream and keeping it fresher longer.

Can holder/tub lid:

A can holder and tub cover will help organize your ice cream and keep things hygienic. In the hustle and bustle of a busy night, it's inevitable that ice cream will drip. Tub lids and can holders can be removed and wiped clean at the end of a shift, making your refrigerator both hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Tub lids are designed to sit on top of ice cream containers, so be sure to check gallon sizes and match them with matching lids.