The Innovative Design Of Horizontal Top Open Door Freezer

Update:20 Jan 2021

Under the background that environmental protection and energy conservation have become more and more consumers' broad consensus, as home appliance companies, only by continuously making breakthroughs in environmental protection and energy conservation technologies can they truly implement the national industrial policy on energy conservation and emission reduction and can truly attract consumers’ attention. Become the first choice product. The horizontal top open door freezer is an innovative product under the new situation.

Open-top refrigerators are usually air-cooled and frost-free. Due to space design issues, refrigerators with excessive capacity are prone to overheating and overcooling. When buying, it is best to open the door refrigerator with even air distribution. Because in door-to-door refrigerators, the design of the air outlet is usually located on the top or right side, it is unrealistic to completely cover the food in the refrigerator.

There are not a few new refrigerators owned by the current chest freezer factory , and there are also not a few that meet market needs. But no matter what kind of refrigerator, the most important function is refrigeration and preservation, followed by energy-saving and environmental protection, and finally convenience.