Reasons For Non-Refrigeration In Chest Freezer Factory

Update:13 Jan 2021

Nowadays, refrigerators have become common electrical products at home. With the development of the industry, refrigerators have become more diverse and have more complete functions. They have given us a very large choice. But there are also many friends whose refrigerators and freezers are not cooling. The reason, let's take a look with Chest Freezer Factory The refrigerator thermostat is installed in the refrigerating room, and the refrigerating room temperature does not reach the temperature required by the thermostat, so it does not compress. If the compressor is not stopped day and night, the freezer compartment may cause the extreme cooling temperature of the refrigerant. This phenomenon mostly occurs in air-cooled refrigerators. The reason is that the evaporator frosting device of the refrigerator compartment is broken, which has caused an ice block. It cannot be ruled out that the air-cooled fan is broken, and the air outlet is blocked by too many items in the refrigerator, causing a poor cooling effect.

The refrigerating compartment of the refrigerator may not be cooled because the refrigeration system leaks and the refrigerant ran out. Although the compressor is running, no refrigerant evaporates and absorbs heat in the system, so the temperature in the refrigerator does not drop.

The above are two of the reasons why the refrigerator is not refrigerated. If the top open door freezer is not refrigerated, you can refer to the above methods for testing.