Requirements And Selection Of Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

Update:21 Sep 2020

Italian ice cream is different from traditional ice cream. After one flavor of ice cream is made, you need a Commercial Ice Cream Freezer to store and sell it.

The refrigeration principle of commercial ice cream freezer is to use cold air to blow out, so that the cold air can evenly cover all corners of the freezer to achieve the effect of product freezing. The normal setting temperature of commercial ice cream freezer is between -16~-18℃, which is mainly used for ice cream food and mainly for display and sale.

Commercial ice cream freezers are similar to ordinary freezers, but the upper part of the display cabinet is made of glass, so that customers can easily see the ice cream inside. Its advantage is that customers can see ice cream and choose their favorite flavor, at the same time, they can store ice cream at low temperature to keep the taste of ice cream.

Display cabinets are indispensable for ice cream shops and ice cream factories. But how to choose a suitable commercial ice cream freezer?

The first point: the machine itself

High-end machine configuration (such as compressor, motor, condenser, etc.) can ensure the durability of the machine. Ambient temperature is also an important factor, if the ambient temperature of the store is high. Choose a high temperature resistant display cabinet.

Commercial ice cream freezer is used to store and display ice cream, for example, Italian ice cream, and its storage temperature is between -16~-18 degrees, so it is necessary to choose a display cabinet that meets the requirements while maintaining the taste and shape of ice cream.

The second point: machine design (size, color, trademark, etc.)

Commercial ice cream freezer should be able to let customers clearly see the ice cream stored in it. At the same time, the commercial ice cream freezer should be beautiful and novel. The size of the display cabinet depends on the area of the storefront, and at the same time, it should be considered to be in harmony with the food around it.

The third point: energy saving

Commercial ice cream freezer needs to operate for a long time, so energy saving has become one of the factors affecting the selection of display cabinets.