China Refrigerator Manufacturer Teach Insulation Performance Identification Methods

Update:17 Sep 2020

The thermal insulation performance of refrigerator is an important index. Sealing and heat preservation performance of refrigerator directly affects refrigeration effect and power consumption, which should not be underestimated. The following China Refrigerator Manufacturer will introduce it.

Heat preservation performance mainly refers to the sealing performance of refrigerators. Generally, rubber gaskets are used in refrigerators, because they play a sealing role, which can play the roles of waterproof, sound insulation, temperature insulation and heat preservation. Although these functions are inconspicuous or not easily discovered in life, the sealing quality of refrigerators directly affects the shelf life and quality of foods stored in cabinets.

Summarize several simple methods to identify the insulation performance of refrigerators;

1. Put a flashlight in the refrigerator, and then close the door. If you can't see the light at the crack of the door, it means that the refrigerator door is tight; otherwise, the sealing performance is poor.

2. There is a magnetic stripe installed around the door frame in the cabinet door seal of refrigerator, so resistance should be felt when opening the door, and the attraction force between the magnetic stripe and the door frame should be felt when closing the door. If not, the sealing performance is poor.

3. When the cupboard door is opened and then closed, the hot air will shrink due to cold, and negative pressure will be generated during operation. If it is difficult to open or open at this time, it means that the sealing and heat preservation performance is good, otherwise it is poor.