Influence Of Environmental Temperature On China Chest Freezer Factory

Update:06 Aug 2020

The power consumption of chest freezer is divided into rated power consumption and actual power consumption. The power consumption marked on the nameplate of China Chest Freezer Factory is rated power consumption. The rated power consumption is that when the ambient temperature is 25℃, the chest freezer is in stable operation. The average temperature of chest freezer is 5℃, the temperature of chest freezer is -18℃, and the electric energy consumed by running for 24H. The actual power consumption refers to the electric energy consumed by the chest freezer in actual use. The actual power consumption of chest freezer is sometimes higher than rated power consumption, sometimes lower than rated power consumption. The actual power consumption varies with different chest freezer environments, how much food is stored, how many times and how long it takes to open doors. The higher the ambient temperature, the more food is stored, the lower the temperature controlled in the chest freezer and the more times it takes to open doors. On the contrary, the smaller the power consumption.

According to the experimental data, when the ambient temperature reaches 32℃, the power consumption is about twice as high as that at 25℃. The chest freezer cabinet uses refrigerant to circulate in the refrigeration pipeline, absorbs heat in the evaporator and evaporates into gas, and condenses into liquid in the external condenser (category: heat exchange equipment) to release heat, which continuously brings the heat inside the refrigeration cabinet to the condenser and radiates it into the air. Such ambient temperature has the following influence on the power consumption of the chest freezer. With the increase of environmental temperature, the heat dissipation speed of the insulation layer of the cabinet will be accelerated due to the large temperature difference between inside and outside the chest freezer, which will cause more cold loss, shorten the downtime, lengthen the response startup time and increase the power consumption. When the ambient temperature rises, the cooling of the chest freezer will slow down, and the temperature in the chest freezer will drop slowly, resulting in longer startup time and increased power consumption.