Analyze And Investigate The Reasons Why DC Freezer Does Not Cool

Update:11 Aug 2020

With the temperature rising, more and more people buy refrigeration equipment, especially those who buy freezer, because enjoying some low-temperature frozen food in hot summer days is really a great pleasure in life. Then, when we buy DC freezer, what should we use to measure its quality and what kind of DC freezer is a good DC freezer? What kind of faults are caused by the quality of DC freezer itself?

First of all, we need to know the performance and refrigeration efficiency of DC freezer, which is an important index to measure the quality of DC freezer. Many customers covet the cheapness and don't pay attention to the quality of DC freezer. Finally, there are quality problems in DC freezer, and a lot of maintenance funds are spent, so it seems that it is not worth the candle. Everyone may think that the lower the freezing temperature, the better the performance, but it is not. Our DC freezer not only has a function of freezing, but also has many factors such as display, preservation, energy saving and environmental protection. DC freezers with large freezing power have greater power consumption, which indirectly increases our expenditure on power cost.

Next, let's talk to you about whether the DC freezer does not cool, which is the quality problem of the DC freezer itself. When the DC freezer is not refrigerated, we need to find out the cause of the failure first, which can be eliminated from the following aspects: First, the location of the DC freezer is too high, and it is directly exposed to sunlight. Second: Do we defrost regularly? Third: whether the cabinet door of DC freezer is damaged or not, and the cold air is leaked. In short, we need to determine whether it is the quality problem of DC freezer itself, and then judge whether it is caused by external factors.