How To Deal With The Ice Cream Showcase With Serious Leakage

Update:05 Oct 2020

When the Ice Cream Showcase cabinet is used for a long time, if it is not maintained effectively, there will be various problems in use, for example, some consumers will react with no ventilation and no refrigeration.

Now, we will briefly explain the leakage phenomenon of ice cream showcase cabinet.

Analysis of leakage reasons of ice cream showcase cabinet:

1. Moisture-proof wire leakage:

This kind of leakage is mainly manifested in that when the power supply is turned on, the compressor can't start normally, and the box is charged, and there will be hemp inductance after hand contact.

This kind of situation is common in ice cream showcase cabinets with long service life. To this end, we need to cover the moisture-proof wires with insulating sleeves, but the safest way is to replace the old wires with new ones and pay attention to daily maintenance.

2. Leakage of compressor in ice cream showcase cabinet:

The leakage of compressor in ice cream showcase cabinet mainly shows that the insulation layer of motor is aging and falling off, which will lead to the leakage of steel wire exposed and in contact with the casing

We can wrap the damaged parts with polyester film to avoid direct friction with the casing. Another situation is that the insulating layer of the enameled wire falls off, so it needs to be repainted.

3. Leakage of temperature controller:

The main reason is that most thermostats are installed on the wall, which will cause frosting around them during the cooling process. The effective solution is to defrost the ice cream showcase cabinet regularly to remove the accumulated water in the cabinet, so as to prevent the condensed water generated during the cooling process from flowing into the thermostat. Another situation is the poor insulation of the thermostat, which we should replace immediately.