Energy Saving Method Of Refrigerator

Update:21 Jan 2022

Energy saving method of refrigerator


1. The freezer should be placed in a place with low indoor temperature and good ventilation, which is conducive to the heat dissipation of the freezer and can reduce the number of starts and the start-up time of the compressor of the freezer.


2. The food must be cooled to room temperature before being put into the freezer. At the same time, the number of times the vertical freezer is opened should be minimized and the time of opening the door should be shortened.


3. There should be a certain gap between the food and the food in the freezer, and between the food and the inner wall of the freezer, so that the air in the freezer can circulate, improve the refrigeration effect, and reduce the number and time of compressor starts.


4. Defrost regularly. When the frost thickness of the freezer compartment exceeds 5mm, the cooling effect will be poor, and the relative working time of the compressor will be prolonged, so the power consumption will be relatively increased.


5. When the weather turns warm and the room temperature reaches above 15°C, the power-saving defrost switch of the display freezer should be turned to the off position, which can also reduce power consumption.


6. Correctly adjust the temperature controller of the freezer to reduce power consumption. The freezer temperature control knobs are marked with numbers, which represent the control range of the temperature in the freezer. The lower the marked number, the higher the control temperature. The indication range of the thermostat in different seasons is: 3 to 4 in summer; 2 to 3 in spring and autumn; 4 to 5 in winter. When the room temperature is lower than 10°C, the thermostat should be dialed to the "6" position.


7. Regularly remove the dust on the condenser. If the condenser accumulates dust for a long time, it will affect the heat dissipation of the freezer, and it will not be able to evaporate effectively and affect the cooling effect. If the freezer needs to reach the predetermined temperature, it is necessary to prolong the working time of the compressor and increase the power consumption. Therefore, it is best to clean the condenser every two years.