Cooling Load Of Chest Freezer Factory

Update:24 Feb 2021

We all know that the place with the most refrigerated cabinets should be Chest Freezer Factory . Let's take a look at the cooling load.

The refrigeration load of the refrigeration room of the freezer is the heat that must be taken out of the refrigeration room per unit time; or the cold energy that the refrigeration room obtains from the refrigerator in the unit time. The purpose of calculating the refrigeration load of the refrigeration room is to correctly and reasonably determine the cooling equipment load and a mechanical load of each cold room. The cooling load of the cold room is not constant throughout the year, and its load is affected by many aspects. For example, changes in the external environment temperature, the amount of food storage in the cold room, the difference in the amount of cold processing of food in the off-season and peak seasons, and many factors in the operation and management methods. Usually, the calculation of the cooling load is one of the first tasks in the design of the cold storage refrigeration device. Therefore, the refrigeration design needs to determine the refrigeration load of the cold room reasonably.

For the top open door freezer , more attention should be paid to refrigeration, as summer and winter cannot always be kept at the same refrigeration level.