About The Cleanup Of The 12V DC Freezer

Update:03 Feb 2021

The freezer is also a kind of refrigerator, and it is also common around us, and the 12V DC Freezer is also one of the common freezers. So what are the advantages of the 12V DC Freezer that make more and more people choose it?

The door and the box body are sealed with nano-material door seals with good low-temperature resistance and aging resistance, which effectively avoids heat loss, and can extend the life of the heating element, and effectively guarantee the airtightness of the task room. The exterior of the cabinet is made of high-density polyurethane foam, and the thickness of the insulation layer is reasonably designed so that the heat cannot be transmitted when the equipment is running at low temperature, and the insulation effect is good. Active defrosting function, suitable for low temperature and high humidity areas, the use of anti-condensation techniques for exterior doors, 85% humidity without condensation.

However, the current of the general mini car freezer is almost between 12V-24V. If the Mini Car Freezer is not used very much, it is about 12V.