Buying Skills for Selecting Ice Cream Showcase

Update:30 Apr 2020

The freezer is another name for the refrigerator. Its application is wider, its function is more complete, and its refrigeration range is wider. It consists of three parts: freezer box, refrigeration system and temperature control device. Generally used in large shopping malls, cake shops, sweet shops and other places. Choice of the freezer is very important. A suitable freezer can bring great profits to the merchants. However, in the face of the various freezers in the store, which is the right Ice Cream Showcase after all?

More and more consumers begin to pay attention to food hygiene. When choosing products, customers first look at their appearance. Refrigerators with strong preservation function can keep food fresh for a long time. In order to meet the needs of customers, major businesses should pay special attention to its preservation function when purchasing freezers. Many businessmen think that when they buy suitable freezers, they often ignore the huge electricity charges brought by the persistent opening of freezers because they should pay attention to the refrigeration method of freezers when choosing freezers. There are three main refrigeration modes for freezers: 1. Direct cooling refrigeration mode, which is cheap in price, electricity-saving, large in useful volume, good in the preservation and moisture preservation, but uneven in temperature, requires frequent defrosting and is suitable for relatively dry southern and inner ocean areas. 2. Air-cooled refrigeration type, active defrosting, low humidity, average cold temperature, easy air drying and dehydration of food, suitable for humid areas such as coastal and Yangtze River coasts, high power consumption and small useful volume. 3. Direct cold air cooling type, which delivers direct cooling to the refrigerating chamber and air cooling to the freezing chamber, has both advantages but high power consumption.

When we choose an ice cream showcase, we all have a long-term plan, so it is very important to choose a freezer with good quality and durability. The freezer design should be humanized and meet the needs of life. The quality of freezers is often better guaranteed by highly-skilled manufacturers. High-quality components such as pure steel pipes and coated steel plates for export are indicators of refrigeration system life. As consumers become more and more emotional in shopping, the energy consumption of freezers has aroused general concern, and manufacturers have successively introduced energy-saving freezers. However, it is not that the lower the energy consumption, the better. Some manufacturers may only use new techniques to increase the insulation layer in order to achieve the purpose of energy conservation. However, such energy conservation is based on the cost of improving the price, and the same function will also be affected to some extent. In fact, energy conservation not only needs to be improved from the structure of the product itself but also needs to be carefully designed and matched from the most core component compressor units. Units matched by different engineers are likely to be different, and the energy consumption of different units will certainly be different.