Why Is Water Collecting Around Your Commercial Freezer?

Update:02 Dec 2022

If you see pools of water around your Commercial Freezer, you may be concerned that there is something wrong with the unit. You don't necessarily have to solve major problems. However, you should find out the cause of water accumulation outside the device. Where does this water come from?

Door and Seal Issues

Refrigeration unit doors shall close securely and be airtight. These doors usually have internal gaskets around them. These gaskets create an airtight seal that keeps cool air in the unit and hot air out.

If the refrigerator door doesn't close completely or has a problem with the seal, then you may see some water on the floor around the unit. When warm outside air meets cold inside air, it creates moisture that eventually falls to the ground. You may also notice some water in the refrigerator, possibly in the pantry compartment.

Check that the door closes easily. Check the gasket seal for signs of damage or movement. If you notice problems in any of these areas, the door will need to be repaired or the seals replaced to restore air tightness.

Leveling problem

Refrigeration units should stand on level ground; they need to be completely upright. If the refrigerator is placed on an uneven floor, it will tip.

Even a slight tilt can affect the smooth operation of the device. For example, excess moisture should drain from the refrigerator and into the drain pan. This water does not stay in the pot for long, it evaporates or absorbs into the lining material.

If the refrigerator is tilted, the pan may not be level. Water may pool and start to overflow. Pans can't handle uneven water levels fast enough.

If the refrigerator is leveled, the water may not leak from the pot. Sometimes, however, these leaks are a sign of a problem with the evaporator unit. If the appliance's heating mechanism or compressor stops working, the pot can't handle the excess water. It collects in the pot until it overflows.

humidity problem

If the surrounding air is hot and humid, the refrigeration unit has to work harder to keep it cool. For example, a refrigerator can be problematic in a restaurant kitchen if it is near the cooking area. If there is not enough ventilation around the appliance or in the kitchen itself, it may not be able to function at full capacity.

If your refrigerator has to deal with hot, humid, or poorly ventilated conditions, there may be too much moisture in the sink. You may see moisture on the outside of the unit or in the door gasket. Then drip on the floor.

If humidity is an issue, you may need to move the refrigerator to a cooler location. Or, you may need to improve ventilation around the area.

Refrigerant Leakage Problem

The liquid that collects outside the refrigerator isn't always water. Sometimes, the refrigerant gas in the unit leaks and forms a pool of liquid. This fluid may appear to be near the device or slightly away from it. It is usually oily.

Other signs of a refrigerant leak include a chemical smell around the refrigerator. It may also run all the time if it has to deal with low refrigerant levels or lack of pressure due to a leak.

You should never try to fix a refrigerant leak yourself. You will need to hire a professional contractor who has the training and skills to manage these substances.