Types And Functions Of Big Size Freezer

Update:28 Oct 2022

Big Size Freezer. Not only can you save electricity, increase income, and reduce expenses, but you can also put aside all kinds of things in your daily life. So what is the classification of this large freezer?

Large-size freezers can be divided into two types: Chinese-style energy-saving refrigerators and inverter refrigerators. Let's talk about the advantages of both types of refrigerators.

Energy-saving refrigerator: The energy-saving refrigerator adopts an advanced refrigerator compressor, and the technical parameters such as cooling capacity and energy efficiency ratio achieve the best effect. The thermal insulation performance of the refrigerator is also very strong, and the thermal conductivity of the entire refrigerator box is better than that of ordinary refrigerators. Energy-saving refrigerators can save more than 2,300 yuan in electricity bills during the entire service life, which is indeed cheaper than ordinary refrigerators.

Inverter refrigerator: The inverter refrigerator adopts the most advanced DC step-less frequency conversion technology in the world. The speed of the compressor can be flexibly changed at intervals according to changes in outside temperature and food storage conditions. The smooth frequency conversion can not only avoid energy waste, save energy by 70% compared with ordinary refrigerators, and reduce the noise value by more than 50%, but also prolong the service life of the compressor and the whole system.

The needs of the market are constantly changing, but most of the needs come from life. Whether it is a household freezer, a large-size freezer, or a commercial freezer, it is used in our daily life, but everyone must be sure when purchasing a refrigerator. Pay attention to your own needs and do not buy a refrigerator that is not suitable for you, so as not to cause unnecessary waste of resources.